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Horse wisdom for life coaching: Retreats for transformational growth with horses

and combine Positive Psychology, HeartMath® and Transformational Coaching with your passion for horses in Ecuador and beyond.

Healing with Horses

for you

Horses are soothing

In the presence of horses we obtain a coherent heart rate with increases our physiological and emotional wellbeing.

Horses are gentle

Therapies & Coaching with horses are non-invasive and non-judgmental. Their calm presence helps us look at our own issues with ease and trust.

Horses are powerful

Assertiveness & empowerment are life skills we all need in our personal and professional life.

Horse are social

Through the projection onto the herd we understand our own relationship patterns and can test new strategies.

Who is Christina Marz?

Hello there! I am the founder of Horse Guided Empowerment®.

Horses taught me about healthy relationships and helped me evolve from severe anxiety to proud homeschool Mum, psychologist, herd keeper, speaker and author. Today I teach healing and empowerment with horses worldwide and lead retreats on my farm in Ecuador.

Visit my main website ChristinaMarz.com

What is Horse Guided Empowerment?

My method Horse Guided Empowerment® is based on natural horsemanship and the interaction with several free-roaming horses. It incorporates positive psychology, HeartMath®, trauma-informed mindset coaching, embodiment and many easy life hacks for emotional regulation. Over 10,000 people in 30 countries have already enjoyed it´s benefits.

Now it is your turn!

What you get in my programs

Decide on change

First, you acknowledge that something is off and that you are not living your best life. You´ll make a list of the changes you seek and start envisioning your future.

Clear your path

Then you find out what brought you to your current situation, and where your past is blocking you. There is a reason for everything and together we´ll identify it.

Create new habits

You learn simple techniques such as HeartMath® and Embodiment hacks and enjoy the support of your peers to find your strength and become empowered.

Enjoy the ride

You enjoy a series of unforgettable activities that serve as proof of your transformation and create an epic, lasting memory of our time together.

How To Get Started

Pick your preferred modality

Horse Guided Empowerment® is delivered all over the world in individual sessions, in group retreats, and even with your own horses.

Commit to your transformation

Grab the reins of your life:

Make a choice and reserve your seat in the program that fits your life style best.

Enjoy the ride

Whether you choose an online program guided by your own horses or you come to a retreat, you´ll LOVE the process.

It will be epic. Guaranteed.

Horses are healing

Horses regulate our heart coherence, they stimulate our senses and our bodies, they react to our true emotions, they reflect relationship patterns and they get us to move outdoors. Being around horses is calming and empowering at once. Experience for yourself! You deserve it.


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Ximena Paredes

El Salvador @ximenac7sv

"I can't believe that a week ago I was having one of the best times of my life! For many people I´m crazy for going to a “retreat with horses” for many more I am BRAVE because I go where my heart takes me. Thank you for recharging my batteries, for integrating us into your herd and for leaving a big mark on our lives and reminding me of all the dreams I carry within me!"

Life Changes Retreat, Ecuador Sept 2023

"A program that impressed me a lot and made it possible to learn, find myself, have fun, heal, challenge myself, make incredible friends, and the connection with the horses was unique, thanks to Christina, her team and her herd who made this experience of empowerment and resilience possible."

Life Changes Retreat, Ecuador Sept 2023


Paola Semanate

Peru @psemanate


Allison Tolbert


"A unique and quiet space surrounded by beautiful nature and the presence of the herd of horses. The place gives for reflection, inspiration and personal growth. I understood a life-long issue within just two hours of y constellation with the herd. Highly recommended for an alternative yet professional family therapy."

Private session, Ecuador

June 2023

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